Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Mr. Aung Myo who creates this blog is a Director of Chicken School in Mae Kuea Luang village, Maesot, Thailand. He intends this blog to know about the Shwe Yin Kyaw  Eiksataya Ma Hade De Say Gai Daw Gyi and help the people who live in all over the world. He received the occult science of Shwe Yin Kyaw in Mudon township where is situated in Mon state, Burma when he was 7 years old. Also all his family has received about this Shwe Yin Kyaw. In 1987, Mr.Tin Tun(Mawlamyine) who is a master of Shwe Yin Kyaw awarded the grade 9 of the occult science of Shwe Yin Kyaw to him. And then,Mr Aung Myo  could cure of many instigators. Mr. Tin Tun’s teacher, Mr. Tin Aye (Pyin Oo Lwin) awarded holy cup and holy golden pen to him.Now Mr. Min Lwin( Rangoon), Mr. Tin Aye’s teacher has been guiding him about Shwe Yin Kyaw. Also Mr. Aung Myo has been teaching the hundreds of pupil of Shwe Yin  Kyaw. He has taught many migrant children education and cured of many instigators who live in Maesot areas since 1988. He explained  about the Shwe Yin Kyaw Eiksataya Ma Hade De Say Gai Day Gyi  to some foreigners (Spain, New Zealand, England, American, Japan, Korea, Philippine and Thailand). Shwe Yin  Kyaw’s masters distributed their occult science to China, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Thailand. He has been curing of many instigators in Maesot areas, Thaniland.
If you want to know about Shwe Yin Kyaw fully, please, contact to me. You are welcome.
I always wish Shwe Yin Kyaw to spread all over the world….!
I always wish the teaching of Buddha to be famous all over the world….!
I always wish Shwe Yin Kyaw’s masters to be famous all over the world…!
I always wish all the people to be health and wealthy….!
Thanks for Reading.        
Mr. Aung Myo (Mudon)
Pupil of Mr. Tin Tun(Mawlamyine)
Mae Kuea Luang village,Maesot Thailand
Phone; 082-4016 438 (DTC)

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